New Umbraco Package: Inline HTML Help Label

New Umbraco Package: Inline HTML Help Label

Inline HTML Help Label

On a few recent Umbraco builds we have had the need to add a small amount of inline help to the back-office interface to help content editors with content entry.  To enable this behavior we created the Inline HTML Help Label package.

This package adds a new property editor that allows you to show HTML in your content pages as properties.  It's HTML so it can display images or links to more information to content editors.  It has also been used to provide a Help tab on a Document Type for specific help for that page type and what they need to know.

You can create several Data Types with this property editor each with their own HTML as prevalues.

In addition to the inline html as a property, you can specify more HTML to be displayed on a dialog flyout.  This could be used to give in depth info about the page.


Download and try the package here: Inline HTML Help Label Package on Our Umbraco

More information and the source code is on Bitbucket: ProWorks Inline HTML Help Label Git Repository


Let me know if you have any problems or questions!


Jason Prothero

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