Make Your Own QR Code for Free in Just Seconds

Make Your Own QR Code for Free in Just Seconds

QR Code in LondonMost of us have seen them and more of us are using them everyday.

QR codes may or may not be the way of the future but for now there are many creative and valuable things that can be done with them for large and small businesses alike.

As fancy and technical as they look, anyone can make one for free in just about a minute.

There are a few different generators or services that can make them.  I'm going to walk you through using bitly to create a QR code.

1. Decide what URL you would like to create a QR code for.  

When someone scans the code where do you want it to take them.  (Facebook Fan Page, Web Page, Product Page, Coupon, etc..)

2.  Go to

Log in or create account

3.  Look in the top right hand corner for "Paste Link Here" 

Bitly Link Shortener

4. After pasting the link "X" (close) the window that pops up. 

Closing Bitly Window Image

5.  Now there is a list of "bitly's" you have created on your account.

hover over the bitly you want to make a QR code for (I couldn't screen shot this because of the hover - did a mock up of where it would be)

More options will appear 

CLICK on the White Circle with the Blue "i" 

a second set of options will appear 

now CLICK the Blue Circle with the White "i" 

make your own qr code on bitly

6.  Once you have done this you will be taken to a new screen where you can see stats for the link you made and there will be a tiny little image of a QR code.  CLICK this.

Link Stats image

7. The created QR code will open in a new window - save this image like you would any other picture and Voila ... You have a QR code! You can put it on posters, brochures even cars.  

Saved QR Code


** simply repeat the process for every QR code you want to create **



Wesley Kos

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