Using Style Tiles to Start a Web Design Project

By Alan Ballard     Thursday, August 02, 2012     web, design

I started using a new technique to kick off web design projects and It's working out great! "Style Tiles" are quick snippets of web design patterns meant to convey an overall feeling of the design rather than defining specifics, and it's a great way to get the client involved in the first steps of thier site.

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How We Built the Da Vinci Days Mobile Website

By Jason Prothero     Friday, July 20, 2012     customers, web, websites, mobile, umbraco

Last year we (ProWorks) created a mobile site for the da Vinci Days festival that is held in Corvallis every July.  We had created the initial site the previous year and with the rise of mobile and the fact that most people will only have a small screen at the event, it was a must have.  Of course, responsive web design was just becoming a thing and we had a decision to make: responsive or separate site?

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Savages and Scoundrels Design Process

By Alan Ballard     Friday, June 01, 2012     web, design

I often wonder when I see a compelling design, what the process was to make it. Was it just born that way or did it go through many bumps and turns to get there? In our case, bringing Paul Vandevelder's vision of "Savages and Scoundrels" to life certainly was an interesting evolution! Here's an insight to our process of reinventing Mt. Rushmore for the home page of Paul's new website.

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How to Generate an RSS Feed from Facebook

Facebook unlike Twitter and blogs do not publish an RSS feed for us. In addition it's content is behind a login. This makes Facebook very challenging to monitor. This is a method for generating an RSS

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