How To Upload Photos to Your Umbraco Website From Your iPhone

By Jason Prothero     Thursday, July 26, 2012     mobile, umbraco, iphone

These days most mobile phones are very good cameras that you carry around with you constantly.  Wouldn't it be great if you could take photos of your products, employees, clients, or projects on your phone and upload them directly to your Umbraco website just like you do with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter?  Well, if you have an iPhone you can.

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How We Built the Da Vinci Days Mobile Website

By Jason Prothero     Friday, July 20, 2012     customers, web, websites, mobile, umbraco

Last year we (ProWorks) created a mobile site for the da Vinci Days festival that is held in Corvallis every July.  We had created the initial site the previous year and with the rise of mobile and the fact that most people will only have a small screen at the event, it was a must have.  Of course, responsive web design was just becoming a thing and we had a decision to make: responsive or separate site?

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