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How to Fix MVC Web Api HTTP PUT and DELETE requests failing

By Jason Prothero     Wednesday, November 14, 2012    

ASP.NET MVC 4 has a new feature called WebAPI which makes it much easier to create a REST API in ASP.NET. Unfortunately, I ran into one problem with IIS 6.0 that prevented the full REST spec from being used. By default IIS 6 wouldn't allow the PUT or DELETE verbs to be used with the WebAPI app that we created.  Detailed inside is the solution I found.

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Umbraco 4.10.0

By Wesley Kos     Monday, November 12, 2012    

Umbraco 4.10.0 is now released! I read a few of the blog posts collected a bit of information with I feel is useful in getting you started.

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It's Very Clear Mobile Is Here

By Rob Birdwell     Thursday, November 01, 2012    

How does your site look on an iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad or Nexus Tablet? If you're Ken Saul of Ultra-Pure Oils you can say "It looks great" - and so do his customers!  But many sites aren't set up to display nicely on mobile devices. Mobile and tablet devices are no longer the exception - they're the norm.

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