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What does ProWorks do? and What do You do there?

By Nicole Weathers     Wednesday, August 29, 2012     development, design, websites, marketing, social media
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Since coming joining the ProWorks team in May, almost once a day I am asked

"What the heck does ProWorks do?" and "What do you do there?"

That is such a hard question.  As the new girl, my first instinct is to say "What DON'T we do?!" 

As I walk through our bull pen, overhearing various meetings and brainstorming sessions, I am truly hard pressed to find something we can't figure out how to be cutting edge in.

But I realize if I acutally answered with that, it would be of no value.  So I gave our Senior Graphic Designer the task of whipping (in about 15 minutes) a super simple summary of what ProWorks does and how I fit in.

(as a side note... Yes, the Glitter was my request)

I hope this helps and all of us at ProWorks are happy to explain anything about what we do in more detail.

Drop by, email or call

1600 SW Western Blvd #230 Corvallis Or 97333

[email protected]

(541) 752-9885

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More info on our website

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