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Simple and Cool Use for the nuPickers Umbraco Package for v7

By Jason Prothero     Monday, April 20, 2015     umbraco, package, how to
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StatePickerI just wanted to share a great experience I just had with nuPickers, and Umbraco v7 package, and how easy it was to make a simple U.S. State picker with no custom code and no pre-value heartache. 

In 5 mins (less?) I had my U.S. picker drop down.  Here's how:

1. Download the nuPickers package and install it:

2. Google "json list of states" and find a list of US states in JSON form.  I found this gist: US states in JSON form

3. Create a states.json file in a json folder in the Umbraco site (on disk).

4. Create a new DataType that is of type nuPickers.JsonDropDownPicker

5. Configure the pre-value fields to be:

Url: ~/json/states.json
JSONPath: $..*
Key JSONPath: abbreviation
Label JSONPath: name
Save Format: CSV (your choice)

6. Add the DataType to my doc type.


It's easy and for things that rarely change (like U.S. States), it was quick, easy, and still easily editable in my Git Repo.

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3 memorable comments for "Simple and Cool Use for the nuPickers Umbraco Package for v7"

  1. Posted 4/21/2015 9:47:04 AM

    nice to hear nuPickers being useful :) just a wild thought, but if you have the JSON in Git on GitHub, you could even use the GItHub raw url as the data-source ! There's also a nice looking US State picker GUI as an Umbraco package -

  2. Posted 4/22/2015 7:58:11 AM

    Great idea! In this case, it was just a gist, but that would be cool to just throw it in a repo and reference it that way. I did see that state picker package, but it appeared to allow for multiple selections. I'll definitely try it in the future. Thanks, Jason

  3. Posted 5/17/2015 11:45:12 PM

    Thank you for this. I was just about to make a new Vimeo Plus provider from scratch. I did not even think about leveraging nuPickers. Since I am already using nuPickers in my project, this will be a much easier way forward. Hopefully I can make a package out of mine too.