Web Marketing and Social Media

ProWorks provides a variety of services:

Planning and Strategy

  • Market & influencer research
  • Campaign development
  • Report and action plan

Web Marketing Coaching, Guidance, & Training

  • Tools and technology training
  • Activity level coaching
  • Higher level strategy guidance

Strategic Content Creation and Updates

  • Regular post updating
  • Blog publishing

Community Management and Relations

  • Monitoring for opportunities
  • Timely engagement

Custom Facebook Tabs

  • Like gated content
  • Custom functionality
  • Self-serve content updating

Mobile Websites and Apps

  • Responsive web design
  • Standalone mobile sites
  • HTML5/CSS3 based native apps
  • Windows 8 Metro apps

Integrate Websites with Social Media

  • Social plugins
  • Sharing buttons
  • RSS generated content
  • API integrations (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube...)

Performance Measurement

  • Referral tracking
  • Click through tracking
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analysis
  • Campaign analysis

Tangible business benefits:

Find Customers Online

  • Identify customer and market segments (prospects, customers, influencers, competitors)
  • Indentify relevant communication channels (niche blogs, networks, forums…) to engage with customers
  • Capture customer information and data
  • Alerting of critical opportunities 

Respond to Discovered Opportunities

  • Timely responses to take advantage of real-time opportunities
  • Cultivate desired customer behaviors (such as sharing referrals and testimonials)
  • Contribute to your visibility and credibility within desired audience groups

Strengthen Brand Position

  • Regular creation of new and relevant content
  • Regular delivery of new content and updates
  • Establish and increase visibility and credibility
  • Build relationships with consumers