Savages And Scoundrels

Paul Vandevelder is the Author of the Oregon Book Award winning:
Savages & Scoundrels: The Untold Story of America's Road to Empire through Indian Territory 

We created this site for Paul to support his book and upcoming film, and to create a unique center of learning about the Native Americans and the American Colonists. This is one of our more graphically involving projects, bringing Paul's vision of Mt. Rushmore to life, and creating a History Wheel Timeline.

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Paul VanDevelder


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Project Highlights

History Wheel

The History Wheel is an interactive timeline allowing the user to browse People, Places, Events, and Flashpoints by date, and see thier relations to one another.

Lightbox Popup

Clicking on a History Wheel item brings up an interactive Lightbox style popup, where the user can continue to browse by following the links of related items.

People List

We created a system in the Umbraco CMS to allow Paul easy management of the historical figures on the site. This is a list of all the people, in sections, with scrolling quotes.

Person Detail

On the person detail page, all of the relations are listed and linked below the body text. Quotes and detail images can also be easily managed.