Why deal with a head lice infestation when you can avoid head lice in the first place?  Have your family wash their hair with Licefreee Everyday! 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo to stay lice free!

TecLabs Inc. needed a great looking, easily manageable site for their Licefreee! line of products. Another Umbraco e-commerce setup that gets the job done!

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TecLabs inc.


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Project Highlights


Part of the site we made for Licefreee was this blog, which can be accessed by Licefreee through the Umbraco CMS. It includes Recent Posts and Recent Comments sections and list of tags to search by. 


We made this Testimonials section so users could submit and read reviews of Licefreee's products. You can access the submit page from any testimonial or the Testimonials page. 


This site is bilingual: English and Spanish, to enable even more people to learn about Licefreee's products. Click the buttons in the upper-right corner to switch to the other language. 


We made this website responsive, which means the content adjusts to fit smalelr screens (tablets, smartphones, and smaller desktop windows).