What is Umbraco CMS?

ProWorks is a web solution agency specializing in using the Umbraco Content Managment System (CMS) to build many different types of websites with varied needs. Umbraco is used by over 90,000 websites orldwide, including Vogue, SanDisk and Warner Brothers. Umbraco is completely customizable and allows for lots of flexability. 


What is Umbraco?

  • Open source, which simply means that the code used to write the program is free and can be modified by anyone
  • Full-featured web content management system
  • Simple to use and manage 
  • Robust and powerful in it's capabilities
  • Fully customizable
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Has a strong and thriving online community and support network
  • Supports all types of websites, including:
    • Large and small e-commerce sites
    • Data-heavy sites
    • Sites with large video and photo needs
    • Search directories

The list could go on forever.

Umbraco is different from other content managment systemns because it is allows for more customization. Umbraco gives you the best of both worlds: freedom and flexability to choose how you want your website to look, without the hassle of actually creating the site yourself.  

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