Online Chem Labs

Online Chem Labs is an ambitious project, offering a whole new world for Chemistry students at Oregon State University. The online labs are a completely immersive and interactive experience in Silverlight, letting students learn through dragging, pouring, weighing, and activiating the various tools on the stage. Each experiment follows real-world chemistry with great accuracy, and has already found success in its first year in use at Oregon State University. xyz

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Online Chem Labs, LLC


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Project Highlights

A Virtual Chem Lab

This tool is literally used by thousands of students, multiple institutions, instructors, and teaching assistants.  Featuring a variety of simulated lab animations this project combines the chemistry and teaching know-how of the Online Chem Labs LLC team and ProWorks' technilogical expertise.

Interactive Lab Tools

The sleek Silverlight interface makes it easy, informative and fun for students to interact with our custom-created lab tools like this combustion chamber.