Bing Smart Search Microsite

Bing Smart Search is a tool created by Microsoft that makes the 'type-to-search' game a lot easier. Our work here was to create a demo to show just how simple and functional the Bing Smart Search tool is. In this interactive demonstration you will be able to see how the search tool works with all of the extensive information you can get on your desired search item with just the click of a button. 

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Project Highlights

Bing Smart Search Start Page

From this start page, you can pick from the three search terms on the left sidebar and your Bing Smart Search will be tailored to whichever term you choose.

Keyboard Search

Here we demonstrate what it will look like while searching for your specific term. You will see the keyboard as the seach is being typed in, followed shortly after by a search bar on the right side of the screen showing the most popular terms matching what you type. When your term appears, you can click on it to view the Bing Smart Search results.

Toby Lightman Search Results Page 1

This is an example of what your search results will look like once you designated your search criteria. We've created a replica of the layout and design of Bings Smart Search tool to show you the clean and simple display. From here, you can scroll to your right to see even more results for your Bing Smart Search topic.

Toby Lightman Search Results Page 2

Here we demonstrate further the search results as you dive deeper into your search. You will be given anything relevant and popular to your search topic, ranging from the music of a popular artist to restaurants in your chosen city. The Bing Smart Search layout remains simple and to the point.

Toby Lightman Search Results Page 3

The Bing Smart Search results go even further to show you images of your chosen search term in a collage format, making seeing photographs of your favorite artist, city, or person easier and more aesthetically pleasing than ever.

Toby Lightman Search Results Page 4

On the last page of your search, you will see the most popular websites regarding your search criteria. The layout shows a small snapshot of the home page of each website, the name of the website, as well as a short description and sometimes links to sub-pages within the website. It is designed to be easy to navigate and fuctional, and out demonstration shows you exactly how it will look in your own real-life, day-to-day Bing Smart Search searches.