60East has experience and expertise building high performance systems over the past twenty years, which has led to the development of a technology, AMPS, that will revolutionize how real-time messaging is used to build modern applications that scale into the future.

We provided an Umbraco website for them to manage the evaluation and documentation of thier product, with some really nice ways of managing product features, FAQ's, contact forms, blog posts and more!

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Project Highlights

Home Page Teasers

We created a handy way for 60East to manage the 3 links on the home page. They get to choose thier link locations, icon image, and text in each box.

Also, we have the last two blog post synopses showing automatically.

60East Blog

We also provided them with a great blogging tool for Umbraco called "Ublogsy". It was a snap to customize.

Product Overview

The Product Overview page we created has its own top navigation and manageable sections for Features, FAQ's, Contact form, Newsletter, and Downloads.

Hand Drawn Background Pattern

Alan created a unique, hand-drawn seamlessly reapeating background pattern made from elements that the 60East team had suggested.