Marketing to OSU Students

Free Guide for Businesses:

How to market to Oregon State University students online

Oregon State University students represent nearly 50 million dollars in discretionary spending each year.

If you think university students don't represnt a significant market, think again. Students average $211 per month in discretionary spending. Oregon State University enrollment continues to grow reaching a record high of nearly 25,000 students in 2011. 

What is covered in the guide?

This guide is a simple two page document created for business owners and managers with a basic understanding of the internet.

  • How to take advantage of student internet and technology usage to maximize the visability of your business
  • What businesses can do to optmize thier own websites to market to OSU students
  • Facebook pages and Twitter accounts that are influencial among OSU students
  • What online tools and resources are available for businesses to find and connect with OSU students and student groups

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