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Paul Sterling Joins the ProWorks’ Umbraco Team

By ProWorks     Tuesday, April 25, 2017    

ProWorks is thrilled to announce that Paul Sterling will join our team as a permanent employee! "We are really excited to have Paul working with us at ProWorks. He has a ton of Umbraco knowledge and experience, especially in the area of Cloud hosting and deployment,” said Jason Prothero, ProWorks CEO, of Paul’s addition.

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Umbraco 4.10.0

By Wesley Kos     Monday, November 12, 2012    

Umbraco 4.10.0 is now released! I read a few of the blog posts collected a bit of information with I feel is useful in getting you started.

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Make Your Own QR Code for Free in Just Seconds

By Wesley Kos     Wednesday, September 26, 2012    

QR codes may or may not be the way of the future but they are everywhere. There are many creative ways large and small businesses can be using them. As fancy and technical as they look, anyone can make a QR code for free in just about a minute.

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Umbraco Training Day 4

By Wesley Kos     Friday, September 14, 2012    

Today was my last day of my Umbraco Training! I have fought with the Umbraco monster and have slayin it. The last day of battles was against Examine, Events, the Umbraco Dashboard, and editing Properties.

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Umbraco Training Day 3

By Wesley Kos     Thursday, September 13, 2012    

Today was the first day of Umbraco Training Level 2. We built upon the foundation which was established from Level 1. We learned about debugging your Umbraco files, Using UserControls to create new content, Members, and Umbraco's Restful API called Base.

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Umbraco Training Day 2

By Wesley Kos     Wednesday, September 12, 2012    

The second day of my level 1 Umbraco training. Today we covered ContentPlaceHolders, Recursive values, Content Channels, Nofication Settings, Media, Alternate Templates and Useful Packages.

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Umbraco Training Day 1

By Wesley Kos     Tuesday, September 11, 2012    

Today is the first day of my umbraco certification training level 1. We discussed the basics of We covered Content, Document Types, Templates, Stylesheets, XSLT macros, Razor Macros, and Multi-Lingual websites.

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A Problem With JSON

By Wesley Kos     Wednesday, July 25, 2012    

An incorrectly formatted JSON object causing the Savages and Scoundrels Timeline to not function properly. The JSON object was formatted correctly, but there was a problem with the values inside the JSON object.

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