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Paul Sterling Joins the ProWorks’ Umbraco Team

By ProWorks     Tuesday, April 25, 2017    

ProWorks is thrilled to announce that Paul Sterling will join our team as a permanent employee! "We are really excited to have Paul working with us at ProWorks. He has a ton of Umbraco knowledge and experience, especially in the area of Cloud hosting and deployment,” said Jason Prothero, ProWorks CEO, of Paul’s addition.

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IE 11 doPostPack and JavaScript Errors

By Rob Birdwell     Wednesday, January 08, 2014    

A bug in the old browser definition files that shipped with .NET 2 and .NET 4 seems to affect IE 10 and 11 with regard to postback of links.  Basically, your web site isn't able to run javascript! This code snippet will show you how to fix this issue if a hot fix or patch on the server is not possible.

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It's Very Clear Mobile Is Here

By Rob Birdwell     Thursday, November 01, 2012    

How does your site look on an iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad or Nexus Tablet? If you're Ken Saul of Ultra-Pure Oils you can say "It looks great" - and so do his customers!  But many sites aren't set up to display nicely on mobile devices. Mobile and tablet devices are no longer the exception - they're the norm.

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Adventures in Twilio and C#

By Rob Birdwell     Monday, November 22, 2010    

One of the more interesting companies and services on our ProWorks radar these days is Twilio, a company that provides a simple but powerful REST API which allows developers to easily integrate

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Umbraco and PayPal form content

By Rob Birdwell     Tuesday, September 22, 2009    

Umbraco CMS LogoIf you have ever used the PayPal "Add to Cart" generated buttons, you know how convenient they are.   If your site has only few products, then managing these is fairly simple - not

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Working with the PayPal API

By Rob Birdwell     Friday, April 10, 2009    

PayPal API - Request Reponse DiagramRecently I created a sample application that used various parts of the PayPal API.  Although I won't be making the complete sample available in this post, I'll

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Why I Switched To GMail

By Rob Birdwell     Thursday, April 09, 2009    

I recently switched over to google's free gmail client.  I'd been using Thunderbird for a couple years and really liked it. But moving to gmail has definitely simplified things for me and greatly

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