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Paul Sterling Joins the ProWorks’ Umbraco Team

By ProWorks     Tuesday, April 25, 2017    

ProWorks is thrilled to announce that Paul Sterling will join our team as a permanent employee! "We are really excited to have Paul working with us at ProWorks. He has a ton of Umbraco knowledge and experience, especially in the area of Cloud hosting and deployment,” said Jason Prothero, ProWorks CEO, of Paul’s addition.

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Umbraco Query Benchmarking Round 1

By Mark Bowser     Tuesday, March 21, 2017    

This is a follow-up to the Umbraco Anti-Patterns presentation we gave at uWestFest '17 where we talked about different ways to query umbraco. This includes more background and context for the benchmarking we talked about.

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Changing the sort order of default Umbraco tabs

By Mark Bowser     Monday, August 03, 2015    

We have a couple of projects where we wanted to gain more control over the sort order of some of the default Umbraco tabs like "Properties" or "Child items". Although I don't know of a way to do this through the Umbraco backoffice or with configuration, it is suprisingly easy to write some custom code to handle this.

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TeamCity and Web Deploy: Silent unlogged failure

By Mark Bowser     Friday, July 11, 2014    

Setting up TeamCity on a new server can be frustrating. Every time I try it, I run into a new issue. The latest of these issues was missing .targets files. The first missing targets file, Microsoft.WebApplication.targets, resulted in all sorts of errors. The second missing .target file, Microsoft.Web.Publishing.targets, resulted in silent, unlogged failure. This is how we resolved them.

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Guide for setting up TeamCity for Umbraco development

By Mark Bowser     Wednesday, June 25, 2014    

TeamCity is an awesome tool for automating builds, deploys, and tests. For each of our projects, we might have many developers/designers working away on a site. We needed a way for our dev site to stay up-to-date without someone having to manually push code. This is why we like TeamCity. We can set TeamCity up to watch our code repositories, automatically publish new changes, and run all sorts of unit tests without anyone lifting a finger. This is how to get it all set up.

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Event List Macro

By Mark Bowser     Friday, April 12, 2013    

Let's say you want a list of events on your home page. The following is an example about how this might be accomplished using Razor scripts.

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Umbraco 6.0.2 upgrade bug solution

By Mark Bowser     Monday, March 11, 2013    

Running the earliest editions of upgrade script from umbraco 6.0.1 to 6.0.2 broke the doc types on some of our sites. Here's an easy fix that doesn't involve restoring your database.

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Umbraco 6: What's new?

By Mark Bowser     Thursday, February 07, 2013    

I just got back from the Umbraco Masterclass in Seattle. I'm now a Level 2 certified Umbraco developer. Yay! During the training, we covered everything from the basics (e.g. What's a doctype?) to some more advanced concepts involving the new and improved Umbraco API. The best part was that this training was conducted entirely on Umbraco 6.

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