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Paul Sterling Joins the ProWorks’ Umbraco Team

By ProWorks     Tuesday, April 25, 2017    

ProWorks is thrilled to announce that Paul Sterling will join our team as a permanent employee! "We are really excited to have Paul working with us at ProWorks. He has a ton of Umbraco knowledge and experience, especially in the area of Cloud hosting and deployment,” said Jason Prothero, ProWorks CEO, of Paul’s addition.

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New Umbraco v7 Package: Dialog Expander

By Jason Prothero     Monday, April 06, 2015    

This package is a simple UI enhancement to the v7 right-side dialog flyours to allow a content editor to make the dialog bigger or back to normal.  It just gives a bit more room for dialog selections and views.  With the new Document Types as grid editors, it can help to have a little extra room when its available.

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New Umbraco Package: Inline HTML Help Label

By Jason Prothero     Friday, April 03, 2015    

This package adds a new property editor that allows you to show HTML in your content pages as properties.  Why is this cool?  Well, we use it to provide inline help to the content editors.  It is HTML so it can display images or links to more information to content editors.

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How to find if Umbraco 7 Debugging is Enabled in AngularJS or Javascript in the Backoffice

By Jason Prothero     Saturday, June 07, 2014    

When creating a new functionality in the Umbraco 7 backoffice such as a property editor or custom section, it is sometimes necessary to print out some debugging information to verify that the models are what you expect. This post describes how to check whether debugging is enabled in Umbraco 7 and then how to use that information in your AngularJS controllers and views.

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The Umbraco Advent Calendar is Back!

By Jason Prothero     Friday, December 13, 2013    

If you are an Umbraco developer, designer, or user you have to take a visit to the 24 Days In Umbraco website. Its an amazing collection of articles, tutorials, and tips on how to get the most out of your Umbraco sites.

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Disabling Request Validation in Umbraco CMS

By Jason Prothero     Sunday, November 10, 2013    

In a recent upgrade of a very old Umbraco CMS WebForms site to 6.x I found a trick with getting the request validation disabled on a template level instead of for the entire web site through the web.config. I'm posting this blog because the original blog by Grant Thomas seems to have disappeared.  The blog was referenced on Stack Overflow and luckily its still available as a cache on Google.

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Umbraco Fans in North America: Roll Call!

By Jason Prothero     Tuesday, December 18, 2012    

If you are located in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico and use, sell, or build with Umbraco, please join us and tell us about yourself.  Then take the event interest survey and let us know what kind of events would interest you. Then invite your Umbraco friends and colleagues to do the same.If you are in Europe and have friends or colleagues in North America, give them a heads up about the site.  And in the future we would love any help, advice, or tips about putting on a Festival, Hack-a-thon, or other cool things we are all jealous of over here!

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How to Fix MVC Web Api HTTP PUT and DELETE requests failing

By Jason Prothero     Wednesday, November 14, 2012    

ASP.NET MVC 4 has a new feature called WebAPI which makes it much easier to create a REST API in ASP.NET. Unfortunately, I ran into one problem with IIS 6.0 that prevented the full REST spec from being used. By default IIS 6 wouldn't allow the PUT or DELETE verbs to be used with the WebAPI app that we created.  Detailed inside is the solution I found.

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How To Upload Photos to Your Umbraco Website From Your iPhone

By Jason Prothero     Thursday, July 26, 2012    

These days most mobile phones are very good cameras that you carry around with you constantly.  Wouldn't it be great if you could take photos of your products, employees, clients, or projects on your phone and upload them directly to your Umbraco website just like you do with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter?  Well, if you have an iPhone you can.

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How We Built the Da Vinci Days Mobile Website

By Jason Prothero     Friday, July 20, 2012    

Last year we (ProWorks) created a mobile site for the da Vinci Days festival that is held in Corvallis every July.  We had created the initial site the previous year and with the rise of mobile and the fact that most people will only have a small screen at the event, it was a must have.  Of course, responsive web design was just becoming a thing and we had a decision to make: responsive or separate site?

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Umbraco v5 Aftermath and v4 Progress

By Jason Prothero     Monday, July 09, 2012    

Its been about a month since the Umbraco HQ and key community members made the tough decision to stop development of version 5 and refocus on version 4.  By the end of the conference It was clear that there was renewed commitment to the core and project from the community. Lots of people were willing to help and asking how to contribute.  Now that we are a month away from CodeGarden, how are things going?

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Umbraco XSLT and XPATH Visualizer and Resources

By Jason Prothero     Friday, April 22, 2011    

I just stumbled across a new site that would have been very useful in getting up to speed with XSLT and XPATH not only when getting started with Umbraco, but also with Sitecore.  It's Pimp My XSLT by Chriztian Steinmeier (@greystate). My favorite fun tool on the site is an XPath Axes Visualizer...

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Fix 'Yet Another Media Picker 4' For Upgrade From Umbraco 4.0.x to 4.5.2

By Jason Prothero     Tuesday, March 29, 2011    

Recently we upgraded an Umbraco 4.0.3 website to Umbraco 4.5.2 and found that the 'Yet Another Media Picker 4' package isn't supported in 4.5.2. Unfortunately, simply selecting Media Picker as the new type isn't going to work because the YAMP4 stored its media id in the NText field in the database instead of as an Integer.  Yikes!  Database deep we go!

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Notes and Experiences Upgrading Umbraco 4.0.x to 4.6.1 and 4.7.0

By Jason Prothero     Thursday, March 03, 2011    

This is a series of notes and what I could cobble together from various Umbraco upgrade articles and sources.  I also found a few issues that weren't documented by anyone that gave me some grief.  I'll likely add any 4.7 specific items as well when I get a chance to test this process with that version. I've found that you may want to upgrade from 4.0.x to 4.5.2 then to 4.7 because the upgrade install script didn't seem to run in the 4.6.1 upgrade I performed.  Basically, the database wasn't updated properly when I went straight to 4.6.1. My Notes...

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New Facebook Fan Page Feature: How To Post As Both Your Page and Yourself

By Jason Prothero     Friday, February 11, 2011    

With the release of the new Facebook Fan Page look and feel one key new feature was added: You can now decide whether you want to post on your Facebook Fan Page as yourself (your personal profile).The old fan page forced you to post as your fan page persona if you were an admin of a fan page.  However, with this change you can switch between posting as yourself and posting as your fan page. How to set it up...

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How To Add Boxes to the Wall Sidebar of Your Facebook Page

By Jason Prothero     Monday, February 01, 2010    

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the new Facebook Profile and Page Roadmap Update fan page boxes are being phased out.  Now you need to use a Custom Tab.  For help getting a custom tab setup and a starter template please read our post: Add A Custom Tab to Your Facebook Fan Page - Starter Template Included. Enjoy!

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Sitecore vs. Umbraco Terminology

By Jason Prothero     Wednesday, July 15, 2009    

Here at ProWorks we have built a web site using the Sitecore CMS (Wasatch Funds) and had a great experience. We are Sitecore Partners and like to use Sitecore when it makes sense. Sometimes the web

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