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Paul Sterling Joins the ProWorks’ Umbraco Team

By ProWorks     Tuesday, April 25, 2017    

ProWorks is thrilled to announce that Paul Sterling will join our team as a permanent employee! "We are really excited to have Paul working with us at ProWorks. He has a ton of Umbraco knowledge and experience, especially in the area of Cloud hosting and deployment,” said Jason Prothero, ProWorks CEO, of Paul’s addition.

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Let's Make Awesome 3D Fractals

By Alan     Tuesday, November 17, 2015    

Mandelbulb 3D is a sweet freeware fractal program that turns fractals into 3D spaces that you can explore, tweak, build upon, render in high-resolution, and share! Have a look-see why dont'cha?

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956 Reasons Why Umbraco Rocks for Designers

By Alan Ballard     Wednesday, May 08, 2013    

Hey Designers, your CMS got you down? Constantly cursing at the cumbersome interface? Well Umbraco has been rockin' my socks since I first installed it and started learning it. Here's (just a few) reasons why Umbraco makes people like us happy

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Using Style Tiles to Start a Web Design Project

By Alan Ballard     Thursday, August 02, 2012    

I started using a new technique to kick off web design projects and It's working out great! "Style Tiles" are quick snippets of web design patterns meant to convey an overall feeling of the design rather than defining specifics, and it's a great way to get the client involved in the first steps of thier site.

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Savages and Scoundrels Design Process

By Alan Ballard     Friday, June 01, 2012    

I often wonder when I see a compelling design, what the process was to make it. Was it just born that way or did it go through many bumps and turns to get there? In our case, bringing Paul Vandevelder's vision of "Savages and Scoundrels" to life certainly was an interesting evolution! Here's an insight to our process of reinventing Mt. Rushmore for the home page of Paul's new website.

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Level One Umbraco Certified!

By Alan Ballard     Wednesday, August 18, 2010    

Oh yeah baby!It was quite a trip to Seattle the last couple days, with Gary and Rob, to get our level one Umbraco certification and become one of the few Umbraco solution providers in North America.

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7 Excellent Free Web Design Resources

By Alan Ballard     Monday, September 21, 2009    

I've found that building a library of graphic resources such as textures, patterns, brushes, icons and vector artwork has been valuable to creating quality web design in a short time. You never really

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6 Essential Photoshop Brush Resources

By Alan Ballard     Friday, August 14, 2009    

Using brushes in Photoshop is a great way to quickly breathe life into any design project. Sometimes it's just not time effective to create your own, however, so building up your brushes library from

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Top 5 Color Tools on the Web

By Alan Ballard     Wednesday, June 10, 2009    

I used to have a rough time coming up with web design color schemes. I would look through the color books in Photoshop and Illustrator and sort-of randomly choose colors that looked good, and do my

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How To Find Out What That Font Is

By Alan Ballard     Thursday, May 07, 2009    

Recently I was asked to re-size the advertisement images on our latest web project In making them shorter, the challenge was to maintain the original look and include all

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The Power of Twitter

By Alan Ballard     Tuesday, March 24, 2009    

Twitter TwafficI have just recently hopped on the Twitter bandwagon, hoping to share some news from my design blog at alandesigns. I only have, what, 5 followers right now, so when I shared a link to

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