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Make More Useful Than TweetDeck or Twhirl

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The first thing I used to say to a Twitter noob was: "Get a Twitter client like TweetDeck or Twhirl because using it on the web sucks".

After I discovered Troy's Twitter Script I have a different outlook on the Twitter web client.  It simply does things that my Twhirl or TweetDeck client doesn't do.  Here are a few features that I love (see install instructions at the bottom of the page):

1. Threaded Conversations

Troy's Twitter Script Threading

Ever wonder what those witty replies are referring to?  Feel like you're missing half the conversation?  Well, that's why threaded conversations rock.  With this plug-in you see all of the backstory.  Really, Twitter should have this.  It's important.

2. Image/Video Preview

All of those TwitPics are instantly resolved and displayed in your browser.  Awesome!  Less clicking is cool!

Troy's Twitter Script Video Preview

Video too!  It sure livens up a twitter stream when you start seeing photos and videos mixed in there.

3. Unrolling shortened URLs

Troy's Twitter Script Re-longing URLs

Think of this feature like a preview of the pages that you might click on.  It displays the page title much of the time and if it can't figure that out, then it displays the URL.  Besides the obvious benefit, this is great for filtering out spammy followers and making sure you're going to a reputable site.

4. Easy Retweet Button

Troy's Twitter Script Retweet

'Nuf said.

5. Who Follows You

Troy's Twitter Script Followers

A little smiley face shows up next to people that are following you.  Good to know sometimes.

6. Profile Information on Followers Page / Groups

Troy's Twitter Script Groups and Profiles

Profile info right in the followers area.  That makes it easier to decide whether to follow back.  Also, they have a group feature (like TweetDeck).

How to Install the Script

1.  You have to have FireFox.  Go get it.

2.  Search for the GreaseMonkey add-in and install it.

3.  Install Troy's Twitter Script.

Interested in what other sites you can hack with Greasemonkey?

Try adding Twitter Search to your Google Search: RealTimeGoogle script or Twitter Search Results on Google.

Twitter Search on Google Search

Still not satisfied?  Check out ReadWriteWeb's Greasemonkey Scripts For the Social Media Addict.  LOTS of great hacks, scripts, and mods in there.

3 comments for “Make More Useful Than TweetDeck or Twhirl”

  1. Posted 6/4/2009 at 1:23:16 PM

    Yeah thanks for getting me set up with that script Jason. Maybe Twitter should pay attention to this script that "fixes" Twitter to do what users want...

    I also like how this script auto-appends the next page as you scroll down.

  2. Posted 8/27/2009 at 7:33:20 AM

    So which is the best twitter program to use there are so many cotweet, hootsuite, tweet deck, I use Google Chromo, so something that does not have chromo issues would be best, I like to retweet, I have many clients I tweet for so I have many accounts I want it linked to my fan page not my friend account in facebook?

  3. Posted 8/28/2009 at 8:23:55 AM

    The answer is...depends.

    Google doesn't use GreaseMonkey, so that's not an option. I like HootSuite and CoTweet for web based tools to manage multiple accounts. Give those a try.

    IMO Tweetdeck and Twhirl just don't help me manage multiple accounts as well.


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