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6 Techniques To Add Visual Interest To Page Elements

By  |  Thursday, April 16, 2009  |   |  1 comment

There's quite a buzz out there about what's hot in web design, and it's always ringing in my ear when I fire up Photoshop to create a web page. Once I have chosen the appropriate look and feel for a site, such as a clean and structured business look, or a rough and textured expressive look, I check for trends in that category. Then I dissect the trend. I pick apart what it is that makes these web elements so cool and catchy, so I can use these techniques to providecontraston a page. These 6 following techniques have proven the test of time in many situations and have been very helpful to me:

1. Reflection / Shine


All of these techniques are helpful to makecontrastingelements on a page. Buttons, search boxes, widgets...whatever users should see clearly, can benefit from using some of these basic techniques. That means you only get a few elements to deck-out like this so choose wisely!

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  1. Posted 4/17/2009 at 9:26:41 AM
    Gravatar of Jason

    Great post Alan. Now I need to get in there and do some of this for my blog!

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